Jan Blomqvist & Band

Jan Blomqvist is a Berlin-based artist born in the 80’s.

Broken connections, incoherent narratives, escapes from reality – Jan Blomqvist’s 2018 album ‘Disconnected’ propelled him to new heights.  It is about our day and age, it is about this generation. The world is becoming increasingly linked, via Email, Facebook, Instagram. Everybody is following everybody, is reading and liking posts, comments and images. Avatars, profiles and handles are interwoven on multiple channels, all in polyphonic communication with each other. Human contact has changed as a major part now is happening online. The world is shrinking, the meaning of time has changed forever. The internet offers countless opportunities of self-fulfillment just waiting to be seized. Sometimes it seems as if virtual proximity causes people to disconnect in real life as the variety of possibilities can be overwhelming. To be disconnected is a curse and a solution. The album explores the meaning of being disconnected in 13 tracks.

Disconnect is so much more than an album with an events series concept that started in 2019 also with a mini residence at Heart, Ibiza with the likes of Ben Böhmer and Giorgia Angiuli that will continue in 2020 with more illustrious guests.  Alongside these events the launch of a new label ‘Disconnect-Music’ in 2020 will incorporate the concept into a brand new label.

Two years after his 2016 debut ‘Remote Control; that led Jan Blomqvist and his band around the world, he took things to a new level back with an album that stylistically falls in line with the distinct forward thinking Blomqvist sound.  Live presentation is the key to electronic music in the eyes of Jan and together with his bandmembers Christian and Felix they strive to take this concept to the dancefloor.  Rock n Roll for the dancefloor.

The band toured globally in 2018 including 22 shows in 44 days finishing at Coachella and Lightning in a Bottle Festival (California).  They followed this up with 2 amazing Burning Man shows which capped off an amazing year touring ‘Disconnected’.  Add to this 2x shows sold out in the Columbia Theatre in Berlin, DGTL Tel Aviv and New York @ Brookly Mirage.

A series of releases in 2019 cemented Jan’s place at the top of the melodic techno tree with a busy international schedule.  2020 will take him to new heights with a series of forward thinking releases planned alongside his dynamic live show, a prize from Clubbing TV for best Underground Video and a nomination for best LIVE act @ the Ibiza DJ awards where he took third place.