Label: Einmusika, StilVorTalent, Iconyc
Based: Haren, Netherlands

Andy and Igor started a techhouse production duo in 2006, called Stereo Sandwich, in which they had their first experience producing dance music with each other. After releasing several EP’s, they soon noticed their sound was evolving. They started experimenting with deeper, more profound productions and realized this new sound had grown too far apart from what they were doing before, this was a whole new project altogether.

In 2011 their music was picked up by Traum Schallplatten, offering them a place in the Traum Family. Soon after, they released their first remix for Microtrauma’s Emilia, which got great feedback. Their remix of Echoes Reality is nothing less than a trip, with a deep grove and great chorus. In May of 2012 their first own EP was released on Traum, ‘Protoplasm’ which has been received brilliantly. In September of 2012 their second release ‘Concept Of Cures’ was released. The EP stormed the Techno releases charts soon after, resulting in a solid top 10 position on Beatport.

With recent releases on Einmusika, Lost & Found, microCastle, Stil Vor Talent and their latest remixes on a lot of different high quality labels it is no wonder that these two dutch heroes are welcomed guests at every occasion. Their unique mixture of cinematographic and melodic techno forms highly enjoyable rides throughout every night.

Behind Mononoid are Igor and Andy from Groningen, the Netherlands. They took the word ‘Mono’ (as in solo) and the word ‘nooit’ (Dutch for never), which basically can be translated into „never alone“.