Nanoplex is a live project from two of the pioneers of the UK progressive techno sound, Ben Coda & DJ Ipcress. Their eagerly awaited 3rd studio album was recently released and comprises of 11 tracks created over the past 2 years and is rather pointedly titled ‘Broken Britain’.

“As games play out across the UK, unification has been replaced with division. We now live in a dystopian political landscape where lies and deceit are the accepted currency.” – Nanoplex

The album’s diverse and expansive electronic musings have been abstractly provoked and inspired by the state of a nation whose social, economic and political frameworks are failing. A broad creative canvas captures and seeks to portray multiple moods of protest, hope, unity, anger, bewilderment and betrayal.

“Reflecting the divisions in our society, the album moves through a circle of light and dark, a journey through two years while we watched our homeland fragment.” – Nanoplex

Opening with the brooding, thought provoking ‘But It’s Inevitable’ and vocal snippet inflected, sparkling, flowing groove of ‘Third War’, the stage is set. The bass-heavy, intricately layered hypnotic swirl of ‘Spudgun’, followed by title track ‘Broken Britain’, with its steadfast percussive groove and dub-infused attitude, continue to expand the album’s musical palette.

Nanoplex judiciously continue to build thematic menace and intrigue through ‘Past Life’ and ‘The ACCA (Serpent Head Remix)’, before introducing some ingenious fast-paced electro styling (‘Electrocaution’) and take the theme into a darker, twisted guise with the ‘Blue Meanie’. The intricate rising, swooping arrangement of ‘The Jinx’ rides on a highly infectious, locked down groove, as the album builds towards a fantastic finale, culminating in the fizzing and sparking electric energy of ‘Project D’, complete with clever acidic flourishes and melodic hooks, and the excellently intro-ed, pulsating stomp of ‘The Division’.

Inside Nanoplex sits Ben Coda, who needs little introduction, his tech-prog sound crosses boundaries – trademark tough beats and rolling basslines contrast with soaring melodies, fusing his love of the tougher sounds of techno and tech house with classic progressive house. With a hectic international schedule, Coda is taking his sound to the masses.

Fellow collaborator, DJ Ipcress, has risen from the underground dance scene in the UK and has, over the last 5 years, taken his dark edged techno sound across Europe and the world. Fusing techno and house, with a deep minimal groove, his Nanoplex partnership with Ben Coda was always going to produce the slick future techno sound that has now evolved into ‘Broken Britain’.