Label: Einmusik, Lion, Poesie Musik
Based: Kiel, Germany 

Peer Kusiv is a music producer from northern Germany, who developed a fine interest for different music genres at an early age. From intricate classical music over jazz and pop to thumping 90’s techno , this open-minded artist embraced many sources of musical inspiration. With an unquenchable thirst for acoustic art, Peer started to play piano at a time, when the first generation of German Hip Hop heads won fame. He was captured by their unconventional style and began to experiment with his first own tunes. At the age of twelve, Peer was initiated into music production. The passion seized him quickly and he decided to establish his own recording studio, which he successively professionalized. As his experience grew, his style of music changed: After producing to hip hop beats for some years, his focus shifted to electronic music. Peer Kusiv has now grown into a full- fledged music producer: His pieces combine classical instruments with dark synth sounds, nurtured by different musical genres. He is constantly searching for samples to fit his original tunes to create new arrangements. The result is most often an intoxicating new sound experience. Peer‘s songs vary from dance floor fillers to easy lounge tunes; no matter the style, they enjoy a fast growing audience. The sound of Peer Kusiv is now being recognized far beyond the borders of his home town Kiel, due to the success of his debut album “Natur & Techno”. The album is a mirror for Peer Kusiv’s capacity to create diverse music, which animates to dance. And it even comes for free.